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“Fun and welcoming environment. Knowledgeable staff and well equipped facility! Would definitely recommend it!” 
– Ben Hoffman

For some, individualized programming along with one-on-one accountability and motivation provide the best path to achieve fitness goals.

Regardless of your experience level, a customized approach can lead to more consistent progress and elimination of weaknesses in your health and wellness game.

Skill Sessions:

Our specialty coaches provide 30-minute sessions designed to improve a current member’s area of weakness or targeted improvement.

Personal Training:

Our lead trainers are available for 1-hour sessions and will customize a full template based on your goals and needs.

Hybrid Memberships:

An ongoing mix of one-on-one sessions and group classes will keep you on point with your personal goals and also allow you to connect with the community, maintaining novelty and friendships throughout your fitness journey. Rate TBD based on consultation.

How a Personal Training Can Help You

Our coaches work to build human connections through fitness that encourages fun,
inspires action, and realizes your TRUE potential.