Nevermore COVID-19 Updates: Gym Closing & Equipment Rental!

Due to the executive order put in place by Governor Hogan today, March 16th, all gyms are shut down as of 5pm today. In an effort to keep everyone moving, healthy and engaged in our awesome community, we will be offering rental of equipment for our members. ***Also,...

Nevermore Preparedness

At Nevermore CrossFit, the physical and mental health and safety of our members, and the communities in which we operate, is our top priority.  At this time, there are currently no mandated actions being put in place for our operations, and we look forward to seeing...

November Nevermore Newsletter!

It's Gratitude Month here at Nevermore CrossFit, and while we try to show our gratitude for our members, and this community often, we decided to do something a little more this month.  This month we'll be paying it forward with our FREE Friends & Family Saturday...



I knew on some level that it was a defining moment in my life, but at the time I didn’t grasp quite the impact it would have on me as I moved forward. I was 37 at the time and only gave my health and fitness limited bandwidth…sandwiched between a real estate career that I didn’t much enjoy and partying, which I very much DID. But looking back on it, this was clearly a dividing line between the Old Me and the New Me. It’s when I found CrossFit and a new zest for getting fit and living healthier and not only surrounding myself with like-minded, positive people but actually reaping some benefits from those relationships.

October Nevermore Newsletter!

We're about halfway through the month, and we're here to announce all of the amazing things that have been happening, AND the amazing things coming your way here at Nevermore! THE NEVERMORE CROSSFIT OPEN! The Open is BACK, and 20.1 went down ... we may not have liked...


The first Open workout was announced last night. In fairly typical CrossFit fashion, when I looked at it on paper, I thought, “That doesn’t look too bad.” Then I read this post on Facebook from the people we use for our programming at Nevermore: “If you’re doing the...

BRIGHT SPOTS FRIDAY: Better people…and likely happier people

BRIGHT SPOTS FRIDAY: Better people…and likely happier people

BRIGHT SPOTS FRIDAY! We had a coaches meeting last weekend. The purpose of these get-togethers is twofold: we want to loop the coaches in by covering gym happenings and getting feedback and ideas on what is good at Nevermore and what we need to improve; but primarily,...

How a CrossFit Coach Can Help You

Our coaches work to build human connections through fitness that encourages fun,
inspires action, and realizes your TRUE potential.