Memorial Day Murph is ACTUALLY happening!  GET EXCITED! 

Thanks to the endless work of Kevin Lynch & Stephen Berkstresser, the rig has been moved and put up OUTSIDE to accommodate SMALL HEATS, following the physical distancing guidelines! 


  • Every heat will have 8-9 athletes and 1 coach.
  • All athletes will be given specific spaces on the turf, spaced at least 6 feet apart, and specific locations at the rig. Those specified locations are where athletes will be expected to stay – in order to follow physical distancing guidelines and for the safety and well-being of everyone.
  • There will be a designated running “in and out” locations, as to keep athletes from running into each other, and breaking distancing safety guidelines.


  • All athletes will be given a mat, and will be expected to wipe down that mat, post heat.
  • Nevermore staff will then disinfect it with the spray we use to ensure proper cleanliness before the next heat arrives.
  • We will not be giving out chalk to athletes, and will not have communal chalk buckets.  If you’d like to bring your own chalk, that’s fine.
  • Heats will be capped at 1 hour, to give us 30 minutes to disinfect and prepare for the next heat to arrive!


Under Construction

Nevermore CrossFit is transitioning to Nevermore Fitness and Wellness. Please hang in there with us as we work through the changes.
New Name, Same Methodology, Same Awesome Community!

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