Foundations is our one-on-one, individually-focused, on-ramp program designed to teach CrossFit’s fundamental movements, assess strengths and limitations in a controlled setting, establish baselines for fitness and biometrics, provide nutritional guidance and determine the best course of action to attain short and long-term goals.

We are one of the only affiliates in the Baltimore area that begins by stepping you onto the SECA medical body composition analyzer, the gold standard in measuring your BMI, fat-free mass, skeletal muscle mass, total body water, extracellular water and visceral adipose tissue. This will allow us to quantitatively track your body’s progress as you move through the program.

The program entails five private 1-hour sessions with a coach so that you get the attention you need to succeed as your move forward with Nevermore.

We will teach and demonstrate proper movement and explain not only what you are doing but why you are doing it. You will perform movements to the best of your ability and scale or modify exercises as needed to keep you moving safely. We will work with you to schedule these sessions to accommodate YOU as much as possible.

Once you complete your five hours you will be eligible to schedule your first of three “shadow sessions”, group fitness classes in which you will be shadowed by a coach who will help with logistics, mindset and cues during the workout. Following your three shadow sessions we will collaborate with you to determine the best course of action for you moving forward, whether that be continuing with personal training or entering to enter into any of our regularly scheduled classes. The timeline for one-on-one sessions and shadow sessions will be up to you, but during the Foundations process you are welcome to join us on Saturdays for our partner/team workouts!

If you have previous CrossFit experience or a background in physical fitness, we can offer the opportunity to test out of Foundations, allowing you to join the regular classes immediately. If you are looking to get started with a friend or family member we can offer a 10% discount for two-on-one classes.

We know that CrossFit can seem intimidating…Foundations will break down the psychological barriers to entry! We realize that many folks are worried about injury…We are too! Our goal is to get you moving properly and consistently before we talk about speed or load.

With this goal in mind, your introductory experience at Nevermore CrossFit will go above and beyond that of most affiliates. Nevermore and the Physical Therapists at Bare Hills collaborate to offer comprehensive movement and injury prevention programs. Programs include assessment of functional movement patterns particular to your body type and age. This includes Dartfish professional package evaluations and treatment planning, lifting modification assessments, mobility and often most importantly stability program training.

Nevermore and Physical Therapy at Bare Hill believe in preventing injuries rather than waiting to treat them.

We are here to help! And the only way to do that is to set you up for success!



Let us know you're coming and we'll discuss how we can help you achieve your full potential as an athlete by keeping you on the field or on the court!