The RIGHT Way To Start Your CrossFit Training

with the best CrossFit Gym in Baltimore, MD!

“I highly reccomend this gym to anyone looking for something new and challenging. The group of coaches and athletes are supportive in every way and will push you to go beyond your comfort zone. I’m learning new lifts and techniques every class through the varied workouts.” – Elmer Rodriguez

Foundations is our one-on-one on-ramp program designed to teach CrossFit’s fundamental movements, assess strengths and limitations in a controlled setting, establish baselines for fitness and biometrics, provide nutritional guidance and determine the best course of action to attain short and long-term goals.

We are one of the only affiliates in the Baltimore area that begins by stepping you onto the SECA medical body composition analyzer, the gold standard in measuring your BMI, fat-free mass, skeletal muscle mass, total body water, extracellular water and visceral adipose tissue. This will allow us to quantitatively track your body’s progress as you move through the program.

Nevermore CrossFit is here to guide you through your fitness journey with a knowledgeable team of coaches and a highly motivating community!

How a CrossFit Training Can Help You

Our coaches work to build human connections through fitness that encourages fun,
inspires action, and realizes your TRUE potential.